Monday, August 30, 2010

Do Fast ! season of Corn is get to over ...

The season of corn is soon getting over .. I've tasted it , Have you ? Mummy bought me some corn and i relish it ..

Hold the corn tightly so that it doesn't go away !!

One has to apply force and also strong teeths are required to eat it ..

And this style !!

Face turned white by eating corn .. what a make-up Aadi ?

And if you've not tasted the corn yet then do visit my home to eat corn with me ..

Monday, December 21, 2009

This is called " Heart in the mouth"

Yesterday , i had video chat with mummy , uncle and aunt over 'skype'. Today morning also mamma called me up and we chatted for a long time.

Hello Mammu!!

Can u hear me ? Come Soon !

Mischief of the Day

Today evening when Baba walked into the room with hot steaming rice for his dinner , I, without thinking for a moment , put my hand in the plate. Within seconds , tears rolled down on my cheeks. Baba was shocked and immediately washed my hands with cold water. I was still crying... but soon he realized that my hand was not burnt. He wrapped my hands in a wet cloth and went to gallery to show me Metro and Bhoo ... bhoo..

When we returned to the room after 5 min , i was smiling as usual.

This incident was really a ' Heart in the Mouth' for my father.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chhukk.. Chhukk.. Uuhh.. Uuhh..

It has been many days when i travelled in Metro. Nowadays, I only watch it going from a distance. Yesterday, Baba decided to take me to a Metro ride.. He dressed me up and also made a small pony on my head. Now Aadi was ready to go ....

We reached at Metro station of Sec 13. After going through the security check we reached the platform. Within few minutes Metro arrived and we boarded the train.

And then Aadi started chukk.. chukk...

There were a few people in the coach and all of them said Hello and gave smile to me ...