Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aaditya , Decision Out ...

Papa taught me to give 'OUT' . See this is the way to give 'OUT'

mischief of the day

To climb at chair & sofa is my habit but not in the manner in which you do. Oh sorry ! you do not climb. Do you know how do i climb ? I hold the handle of the chair ; keep my foot on the side support of the chair and then climb..But i could no reach either at the top of the chair nor i could go below it. I got stuck in between .. So i used my 'Brahmastra'. After using it i landed safely .

Aadi Bachhu ! your naughty acts may harm you anytime ...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aaditya -- Atleast give a thought to your size ..

Yesterday ,while arranging my toys Mummy took out this playhouse and i made a small and cute Hut from this. But my attention was more on this box rather than on this hut.

And when i got a chance i tried to elope with this box.

Although this box is double to my size but it hardly matters as i am stronger than this.

See this ! isn't it bigger than me ? Just give a look on the wall clock. You are right it's 10 O'Clock but not a.m it's 10 pm Ha..Ha..Ha.

And what i did with this ! Have a look !  

This cute Hut (which is in red color in this photo) was brought for me by Ritu Aunty. It is my B'Day gift ...
Thank You Ritu Aunty !!