Saturday, January 31, 2009

'Polio Ravivar' has come again !!

I informed you about Polio Ravivar of last two months .Vivek Uncle liked the way i did it .. So i thought why not to inform you all this time also but 1 day before so that you can include it in your Sunday schedule. The coming Polio Ravivar is on 1st Feb ( just before my monthly B'Day). Polio vaccine is given to children upto and below 5 years ( like to 4 years old Santu bhaiya and 1 year old Mann bhaiya).
Just 2 drops to prevent them from Polio. 'Do Buund Zindagi Ki'

Listen .. Listen .. Listen ..

Several polio booths are set up at Govt Hospitals , Health Centers etc.. In big cities such booths are set up at prime locations. It must ne near your home also ! just check it ! You have to go this Sunday to polio booth between 9 am to 5 pm and get your child this polio vaccine . Even if you are travelling , arrangements are made at Bus stands and Railway stations so that you do not miss 'Polio Ravivar'. I have explained you ,why this vaccine is necessary and is to be taken regularly ,in my previous post.

So do not wait any more .. Lets go to Polio Booth this Sunday !!

Friday, January 30, 2009

So many Greeting Messages ...

Aadi's Birth news was given to friends and relatives through SMS , email and phone. In reply, received lot of greeting messages and blessings. The messages crossed the inbox capacity and Papa had to give his Mobile for repair.

Aadi after Birth ...

and these are the messages..

Amit Chakraverty - Congrats
Amit Chhazed - Congratulation to both of you
Anita Bharatiya - Con. N Thanks for rem. Me.
Anju Sharma - Congrats
Ashutosh Dadhich - Heartly good wishes from my side & congrats to both of u.
Basanta Kar - Great GOD Bless. Thaks fr being a proud father.
Bhawana Sati - Congrest!
Bijit Roy - Great News buddy congratz
CVC Prasad - congratulation! our best whishes to you three.
Dr. Sridhar - Congratulation! And how's the dad doing?!
J Kandimala - congratulation my blessings 2 ur baby. Hope u r following INHP new born care practices.
Jaya Kumar G - Congrats to Jacha bacha and papa
Jitendra Lalchandani - Congrtulation my dear friend.
Jose Sool - Heartly Congratulation
Jyoti Puri - Heartiest Congratulation! Time for party.
Krishn K Borana - Congrates
Krishn Kumar - god bless him
Manish Agrawal - Heartiest Congratulations. May God bless all of you with love & joy.
Mukesh Kumar - Just heard from Usha. Congratulation on being a Proud parent.
Pravesh Chopra- Congratulation to you and Anju.
Ramesh Sharma - Wowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! This is such big news.............:) congratulation and celebrations.. to the ENTIRE Family..... party time..... party time. Have Fun :)
Ramsey Raysis- Great News! Congratulation!
Ravindra Nath - Congratulations and god bless the child and couple.
Reetu Sharma - Great News. Yippy...congrats
Ruben Menon - Wow congrats
Sanjay Kumar - Mubarak....
Seema Pawar - Congrats!
Snehal Shah- Congrats, PAPA:)
Subhashish Bhadra - Great. Welcome to the world of parents. Best wishes to your family.
Sujeet Ranjan - A Big Congratulation Badhai to both of you. My good wishes and ashirvad to the little one.
Trupti Desai - Heartiest Congratulations
Usha Kiran - Congratulations. When. Birth Wt. did you initiate bf?
Vinod Sati- Congratulations

Trying to keep these messages as a permanent memory ; received by friends ...
These are the greetings received by SMS but there is a long list of emails too ... And your blessings are received everyday through comments .

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This or That ?

You know very well how much i like hanging things !! Be it threads or hanging belts of a bag. Whenever i come across such things i eagerly try to grab them..B'coz of this habit i nibbled the tail of this cat .. Ever seen such a mouse? Moreover i have torned the tassels of our cushion covers. Oh ! if i start counting , i well end up with a huge number. However, such things need to be hidden from me.

But sometimes i get confused over choosing things.. When i have 2 or more things i am unable to decide which one shall i take? For eg my Jacket . It has two hanging objects and both lures be to a great extent. I'm unable to decide which one to take ; This or That ? But i end up holding both of them in my hands sometimes into my mouth. Hey ! this is obviously my right !

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Country's 60th and mine first ...

It was republic Day yesterday . India's 60th and mine first ...

I got up in time at 7 am and as usual was ready after taking my bath. Mummy dressed me in kurta pyjama and Papa was also ready. We went downstairs but what was this? Today instead of taking me to Aunty's home Papa took me to the ground. Some people were already gathered there which gave a sign that something was special !

After sometime Flag Hoist ceremony took place which was followed by national anthem 'Jan Gan Mann' and dstribution of ladoos. I ate my ladoo there itself.

It was holiday for both Papa and Mummy so we enjoyed a lot. Just have a look on some of these moments...

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Monday, January 26, 2009

'De Taali '

I have started learning new things like giving kissy to Mummy , masti with Papa.. Do you know what i have learnt recently ? It's Clapping !
Papa put his hands before me and say 'De Taali' and then i put all my energy to give 'Taali' to papa. He fills with joy and we keep on doing this for several minutes.

Aadi de Taali..

Lo Taali ..

I start clapping whenever i am alone. Even when i cry ; i clap ! . Isn't it interesting !!

Happy Republic Day to you all..

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Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm also in News ...

You all must have read in Aashish Uncle's blog about his article in 'Daily News' which talks about 'Special Hindi Blogs'.. He illustrated my blog also in this list. He wrote ...
If you want to see upbringing of 8 year old boy then please visit this blog . He is Aaditya Ranjan from Jodhpur whose parents share with you his notorious acts , eating habits , weight , height and other interesting facts .
And this is the complete article..

I could not thank Aashish Uncle for various reasons . But today , through this post i can say
" Thank You Uncle "

and this is Masti of yesterday evening...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Waiting for evening ,,,

You know that i spend my day at Shashi Aunty's place. My parents drop me to aunty's place at 8.30 every morning. I enjoy there eating different things, playing , going out in sunny days and sometimes go with Aunty to attend 'Kirtan'. So like this i spend my whole day waiting for my parents to come and pick me to home.
As the day passes , i desperately wait for 6 pm when papa comes to pick me up. When he comes, i run towards him to take me in his arms. We go home and wait for Mummy to come... As soon as she comes , she pampers me with lot of kisses..In return i narrate her all the happenings of the day ( in my language). Seeing this Papa feels jealous but then he also enjoys our conversation...

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Uncle's Marriage - 1

I stayed away from you for a long time . What to do ? After all it was my uncle's wedding so i was in Jodhpur. Now when i am back , i'll narrate you the entire event.

We did lots of arrangement for marriage.. New clothes were bought for me .. (i'll show you my photos in new clothes soon ..) And we packed our all luggage.. But what was this ! Perhaps Papa was in mood to pack me also ...

But could i be packed like this ?

This time also we traveled to Jodhpur by train. We were not alone in train as Arpit and Kshitij Uncle were already there and they decided between themselves as who will play with me first. They also brought toys for me. We did lot of masti in train. I also played with Mami and Dadi

In Morning , train arrived at station at right time. Grandpa was there to receive us.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Now I do not fear from This !

I usually play with a small ball and also won one match with Papa . You must have seen ... Udantashtri Uncle caught me playing football test during the match. Do you know ? I had a big ball .. very big .. I used to fear from it . Whenever someone brought that ball to me i started crying . Papa tried to get this fear out of me ..but no .. all in vain...

But Now i 'm grown up and do not fear from that ball. I can easily catch and play with it.
No more fear now ...

Shall i hold this cap or my ball ?

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Two poems for me..

I received 2 poems in my comments. They are very sweet poems. To make you read them i've posted them here ...

First poem by Shiv Kumar Mishra ...

अले, मेला हीलो हमांगा भी कलता है!
टोपी पहनकर बाला क्यूट लगता है
दूध और बिस्किट खाता है
स्मार्ट है
इसे तो सूजी की खीर और फल भी भाता है
पापा और मम्मी से मेहनत भी करवाता है
जब भी दीखता है, एक मुस्कान दे जाता है.

मेरे मन को भा गए अब तुम प्रिय आदित्य,
मन करता है - आज से देखूँ तुमको नित्य!

Thank You Uncle..

Today is my monthly B'Day . I've completed 8 months. What did you say?

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

my first flight-flash back

I was born in Jodhpur...but my dad was living in Delhi...So we had to go to Delhi... He was unable to come to jodhpur to pick us(me and mom) . He send us air tickets. Mine was name of'Aaditya Ranjan'...(people at the airport left me writing infant on my boarding pass)...I along with my mom and grandparents came to airport on sunday,6th.....Mom was unable to carry an uncle took me to the plane...It was a flight of Air India(we also call it Indian Airlines)....IC - 472....we took off at 5:40 in evening ...20 min late from our schedule time...I enjoyed a lot in my first flight...All were talking to me...Air Hostess was too good to me...I also cried's ok...

The journey was grt...but then don't know where was the flight was waiting for us...At 7:30 we came out of the flight...Dad was there. This time also one uncle took me out...We went out to parking...Uncle dropped me my car....Meanwhile dad came to know that he has missed his wallet at ramesh uncle's house...He borrowed the money from Mom to pay at the parking... and then we went to home.....

(original published on "Aaditya " on July 11,2008)

Welcome 2009 !!

Yesterday 2008 ended and today is the starting of New Year 2009. I also did not lay behind in celebrating New Year .. Do you know that there was arrangement of New Year party in our society ? People were enjoying eating variety of food & dancing around bonfire . This all was nothing but a great wonder for me!

I saw people singing and dancing .. At last i also started dancing with Mummy .

It was getting colder and i was feeling drowsy ; so i came home little early and went to sleep . i welcomed 2009 while sleeping ! But no regrets ! as many such occasions will come in future..

Wish you all a very Happy New Year ! !