Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crawling on Knees ...

I thought that i will not crawl but directly start walking . i was taught to walk but before that i learnt to crawl on hands and knees . Now i can crawl and go to any part of my home . There is no such corner which is not in my reach ! !

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Spicy Post ...

When Mummy returns home after her work , she prefers 'Bhujia' with Tea ( a special Bhujia of Jodhpur) . It's very tasty . How do i know? B'coz i also eat it with Mummy ! . Now i have 3 teeths to crack it ... I enjoy eating 'Bhujia' as it make a peculiar sound in my mouth...

How do you find this spicy post ?

Monday, February 23, 2009

To Bath with cold cold water.....

I'm allowed to play in water b'coz winter season is ending now. To play in water is one of my favourite task. I'll not narrate you the entire process , as what 'Jat' uncle does , of how to take bath rather you can watch this video ... This time it is different .. a 2 min video and a guaranteed item..

Did you have fun ?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great People also come to see me ...

Yesterday CVS Uncle came with Aunty to see me. He is Senior Advisor in Mummy's office . He was planning from long time to visit me ; but was unable to spare time for this. Incidentally , he visited some place nearby my house , this week, so mummy coordinated with aunty and called them at our home.

Uncle and Aunty came in afternoon when i had my lunch and my quota for afternoon nap was also complete so it became easy for me to spend time with them. They bought a gift for me wrapped in a very attractive glittering paper. The gift packing attracted me but i could not unwrap it. Finally , Mummy helped me to open it and there was a beautiful toy in it. All-in-one. There were 3 favourite things of mine ... 1 stick to eat .. my favourite color thread and 1 pad to play.. isn't it all-in-one?

I've to say thank you to Uncle and Aunty so i jumped in their lap and started talking to them. Uncle was speaking in Telugu . To understand him , his expression full of love and affection were enough. He was saying ' Bahut achha bachha ...

on Aunty's recommendation i got 'Gazar ka Halwa' to eat ...
Today was a good day .. In the evening , Snehal Uncle also came to see us. He played with me for a long time. He was surprised to see me playing, eating and sleeping without troubling Mummy.. Now you only make him understand how i do all this so sincerely !!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pyar se...

Ravendra Uncle wrote a song for me . Few days back , it was posted on his blog as ' A song for Aaditya Ranjan by Ravendra Kr Ravi ' . The same song is presented here today ...

मम्मी की गोदी में चढ़कर,
जब उनकी आँखों में देखा,
आँखों में था सपना!
सपने में देखा, तो देखा --
दौड़-दौड़कर, कूद-कूदकर,
खेल रहा हूँ मैं,
प्यार से
खेल रहा हूँ मैं!

मम्मी की गोदी में चढ़कर,
जब उनकी नथनी में देखा,
नथनी में था अपना!
अपने को देखा, तो देखा --
उसमें बैठा बहुत शान से,
झूल रहा हूँ मैं,
शान से
झूल रहा हूँ मैं!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Atleast do a task properly ....

I applied for the passport with lot of zeal and excitement ... went to studio to take a sweet photo of mine ... gave thumb impression from my tiny thumb... I thought that in case i go abroad then i would definitely require a passport. If Sameer Uncle called me to Canada then how will i go? I applied for the passport in November and was waiting for it. It came also few days back but i was not happy with it . Do you know why? Papa's and my name was misprinted in the passport. Now tell me who will allow me to got to abroad with a misspelled word in my passport?

See this is the work which people do in passport office ! They can't even do a task properly !

Well , Papa will return it back to get it corrected. Let's see when does it come back again !!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Om Jai Jagdish Hare ....

Every tuesday afternoon 'Keertan' (religious prayer ) is organised at our society.I accompany Aunty in this so now everybody in the society has started recognizing me. Interestingly , people do not recognize Mummy so when they meet her they say surprisingly , 'Oh ! you are Aadi's mother ?'

Well , talking about keertan i reached somewhere else ...At this point , i want to share something with you . I don't know why Papa always wait for photos and videos to share my activities with you.

The thing is that i've started moving ahead rapidly. Yes i've learned crawling. And if i say in Marwari it is 'Godaliya'. It has been only few days when i've started crawling.

Have you ever seen a frog hopping? I hop in the same manner. Yesterday , Mummy said that Aadi is going out of control . Now you only tell me when i've started crawling won't i'll hop also? I know she says like this only to monitor me otherwise she also feels happy when she see me jumping here and there. She calls Papa and say .'Ranjan , see what your son is doing ?

Ready to walk ....

You missed me from my point again.. I was saying that i went to 'keertan' this tuesday and enjoyed listening the sound of Dholak and Manjeere . I went to everybody's lap and specially to those who had 'Prasad' in their hands. Going to 'keertan' and not having Prasad ? Not done ! I always eat my prasad and if someone gives you more , why to deny?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pappu can't Dance ....

I told you that i danced yesterday. Yes, i can dance ! Though i never showed you my dance but how far i could hide this fact from you ? If i don't tell , you would definitely say that 'Pappu can't dance ! '

My uncle bought a new Plasma TV and called us at early morning to see it . And then ... then what? See my dance video .. (Time duration 50 sec)

Whenever i'm happy, i dance like this !!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine Day ...

I also celebrated my Valentine Day on 14 Feb in the way you celebrated it. But in size it was small ... On 14 evening, i went to Pari Didi's home ,with Papa and Mummy, in Gurgaon. I took a rose for her. The way was long so i fell asleep. Before i get up and come in my form , Papa , on my behalf, gave the rose to Didi. After some time, i woke up and came in my jolly mood... I danced (How ? will tell u later) and tried my hands on Didi's piano.

We went to 'Galario' for dinner. I took my meal alongwith me and ate it. To grab the plate is my birthright ... so i did it ...

On dining table either i can sit or Ma - Papa can take their dinner ... So we decided to take dinner one by one.. Papa started to take his dinner first and i went outside with Mummy to take fun ride ...

This way i spent my first Valentine Day ...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is this is called sour?

I often get carrot to eat...Mummy peels and cut it in small pieces for me and i use it to rub my teeths and gums ..I enjoy playing with it but nothing good for taste and stomach..

Yesterday , while i was lying in my 'Parambulator'* and enjoying eating carrot, Mummy gave me a piece of tomato..It was altogether a new experience for me. I could make a good grip on it and eat it easily. As the taste of tomato was new for me so was my expressions!

Tomato lasted long with me but after a while it slipped from my hand.. But nothing to worry! Why? Because i still had carrot in my other hand. I again started eating carrot.

You can view several photos of mine eating carrot and tomato !!

Yesterday was V'Day.. i also celebrated a little of it ..How and where? All this in next post ...

*Parambulator -- Can you guess who gave this name to my pram? Who else can give other than Gyan Uncle?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

De Tali - In this Video....

I narrated you the incident of clapping with Papa.. He enjoy these moments a lot ...Yesterday also we enjoyed clapping together.. and this .... sec video for you..

You also liked it ?

Warm Wishes on Prayan !!

Friday, February 13, 2009

One more ....

2 came in Dec only..for rest of them i was waiting eagerly. Now they'll come..they'll come Oh! when will they come? One of them was visible from quite a long time but did not appear completely..pls come i'm waiting for you all! You don't know how much i miss you and what all i do waiting for you. Now it's really irritating ! come.. pls come..I don't know by what time you'll come. Do you know how many tasks are pending without you?

Hey ! could you make out about whom i'm waiting? I'm waiting for my teeths..Yesterday, third teeth appeared in my mouth. This time it was upper teeth. It will be difficult for you to understand so pls see this Dental Map ...

For last so many days the lower teeths were alone . Now they'll have a company with the upper teeth..

Will they make my grip stronger?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today Sahab is in Masti Mood ...

Today Aadi Sahab is in good mood..Just few photos..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Colorful Ballons !!

Yesterday evening i went with Papa to take medicine for Mummy. After parking our vehicle we walked towards the medical shop. We bought the medicine and went to another shop to take some grocery items for home. Till here , everything was fine. Papa was holding me in his arms and i was giving a curious glance to the things around me..

Suddenly , i saw ballons..I was attracted to those colorful ballons.. I drew Papa's attention to those ballons in my voice saying 'Hu..Hu..Hu..'. He understood my desire and went to the ballonwala to buy few ballons for me. I got excited as i was holding them for the first time.. I was desperately waiting to go home and play with them ...

I played a lot with the ballons but Papa told me not to take them in my mouth..

No Aadi ! Do not eat ballon !

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Here it comes my Redulla !!

After the idea of walker failed , Ratan Uncle said that i could learn to walk without any walker as they also learned it in the same manner. In there times there used to be a 'Redulla' in place of walker and kids learned walking by using 'Redulla' which was made by a village carpenter.. It was made up of wood and there were no side effects on the legs of children. Uncle said that Redulla might be available in our Jodhpur . So when Papa heard of Redulla he recalled his childhood 'Gadola' !!

He decided to arrange Gadola for me but after a while when this idea did not succeed ; he rang up Grandpa in Jodhpur at 4 pm and asked him to arrange the same for me. In the evening when Papa again ranged up at around 6 pm Dadi informed that my Gadola had come and Dada was colouring it.. So fast !!

Do you know everybody cares for me and are always already to fulfil my wishes...

Well Gadola was ready for me at Jodhpur but the question was how and when it will reach to me? At present , there is nobody who is going to or coming from Jodhpur..

Days passed by in thinking of how to to bring my Gadola ? At last Papa called Prakash Uncle and asked if any of his acquaintances were coming from jodhpur as he was in Railways and many of his friends used to come from Jodhpur.. On Saturday evening , he boarded my Gadola in Mandore Express. Now it was Papa's duty.. He got up at 5.30 am and went to old delhi Railway Station. When he returned at 8.30 pm he was carrying my Gadola ! Seeing a new thing i started to examine it.. And here started my training.This is the first day of my training..

For more photos with Gadola view my photo gallery here !

Sunday, February 8, 2009

After Taau , Aadi's Riddle....

When Mummy is relaxed and enjoy her spare time she allows me to do mischief. Today she gave me suji to eat and yesterday she gave me poha. She served me poha and made me sit quietly and eat poha myself..Acc to her it will develop my interest and i will learn eating myself. But actually she is unaware ( she knows but allows me deliberately) that i love playing with poha rather than eating it !!

What exactly i was doing with poha is the riddle of today ! and is also interesting like Taau's riddle.. I'm giving you options to solve it. See this picture and answer it --

(a) I was eating poha
(b) I was playing with poha
(c) I was playing and eating poha in between
(d) I was eating poha and playing in between

For more hints you can view this slide show Hurry ! lock your answer ...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Remember Measles...but Vit A?

I'm 9 months old now and when you complete 9 months you are given vaccine for measles. This thing everybody knows but very few people know that alongwith measles vaccine of Vit A should also be given to children. It is easily available in Govt hospitals but Pvt doctors often miss it.. Do you know Rishab Bhaiya also did not get first dose of Vit A? Why i'm saying first dose because it is given in total 5 doses after every 6 months interval. First dose in 9 month then in 15 month, 21 month ,27 month and 33 month. This is an ideal time but one can start in any month but should maintain 6 months gap.. Do you know that Vit A is essential for growth and development of human body? It helps our body to fight against infections and diseases.

I also went to Govt Health Center, near our home, with Mummy and Papa to get vaccinated for Measles and Vit A. We reached there at exactly 9 am and was first to get token slip. Thereafter we went to vaccination room where Nurse Didi was already present. She asked my age, inspected my vaccination card and said that vaccine would be given on right arm.. But Papa thought it would be better to talk to Dr Sridhar Uncle regarding this matter. Uncle said that this vaccine is given subcutaneously so can be given anywhere.. they suggested right arm so that we can remember easily where it was given first time..

I was wearing inner , T-Shirt and sweater so it was not easy to give vaccine on arms , therefore, it was decided to give vaccine on my thighs.. Before vaccine i was given an oral dose of 1/2tsp of Vit A.. At the time of injection i was ok but when i was given Vit A , i cried and protested..

With this my 1st year of vaccination completed.. Now next vaccination was to be given after 6 months which was of MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) with Vit A.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bite..Bite.. Atlast i did it ...

Vivek Uncle , Tauji asked me to give a bite to Mummy and Papa but he never told me where to bite? But soon our loving Udan Tashtri Uncle gave me the address and said ,'when u sit in the lap of Mummy and Papa , quietly bite their ear and give a naughty smile.' This much hint was enough for me..i just needed a chance which i got at Dr Ghatak's Clinic! I was sitting in Papa's lap and he was busy talking with Dr Uncle. Without any delay i bit on the address given by Udan Tashtri Uncle ...

Once you get a good taste you are surely tempted for the next time !! So yesterday evening i again got a chance.. Papa was sitting on sofa taking me on his lap. I was once again tempted by his ear and without loosing the chance i attacked on his ear ! I enjoyed this bite like anything.. What Papa could do?

And today is my monthly B'Day. I've completed 9 months..see how close i m in completing 1 year !!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Will walk without Walker .......

Two days ago Bhatia Uncle said with love ," Paltu Beta now learn to stand ! ". Uncle , how do you know so much about me when you are so far? I started the practice to stand on my feet ever since i returned from jodhpur. Now i can stand with the help of sofa , bed and my playing stand ! Yesterday , Mummy was talking to Papa for my walker. She said that still my walker did not come so they have to purchase it soon.. Papa nodded giving his acceptance and promised to buy it for me by this saturday or sunday ...

Twist in the story :..

Before my walker could come a twist came in the story.. It happend when when we went to visit Dr Ghatak for my cough and cold check up. In his normal talk Dr told my parents that he never suggests walker to children as it puts extra pressure on their legs and sometimes may result in bended legs. And if a child is using walker then it must not be more than 20-25 min a day. Papa told Dr Uncle that he was planning to buy a walker for me. Uncle said that there is no need for walker as i can learn walking without walker also. On his advice the idea to purchase walker was dropped. Now i would learn to walk but without walker !!

One more thing .. i do not crawl and go frontside but i can easily crawl backside . Dr Uncle says that there are children who do not crawl but directly learn to walk. So there is nothing to worry !!

On the same day Udan Tashtri Uncle asked," Pls see in Kundli when babua's hair will grow dense?". Kundli was not inspected but we consulted Dr Uncle and asked if some oil will help into this? He said that my skin was oily and using oil may cause the problem of dandruff which has it's own side effects. He pointed that there was no scientific relation between oil and growth of hair. Hence , my hair will automatically grow dense.

Well it's good if my hair are not dense as my first haircut will take place only when i'll complete 3 years. In our tradition this ceremony is called 'Jhadola'. So it will be difficult for me to maintain y dense hair for such along time !!

Oh ! in all this talk i forgot to tell you about my cough n cold. Dr Uncle said that this is seasonal and as it is my first winter so it is obvious to get cold, I've to take cough syrup for fewdays and nothing more..