Monday, December 21, 2009

This is called " Heart in the mouth"

Yesterday , i had video chat with mummy , uncle and aunt over 'skype'. Today morning also mamma called me up and we chatted for a long time.

Hello Mammu!!

Can u hear me ? Come Soon !

Mischief of the Day

Today evening when Baba walked into the room with hot steaming rice for his dinner , I, without thinking for a moment , put my hand in the plate. Within seconds , tears rolled down on my cheeks. Baba was shocked and immediately washed my hands with cold water. I was still crying... but soon he realized that my hand was not burnt. He wrapped my hands in a wet cloth and went to gallery to show me Metro and Bhoo ... bhoo..

When we returned to the room after 5 min , i was smiling as usual.

This incident was really a ' Heart in the Mouth' for my father.

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